Crossdress Humiliation Fantasy Hypnosis

It’s not something you chose. It was something she led you into. And soon it became not just an occasional thing, it just became what you did. All the time.

She’d do a little make up at first, and then get you to wear some of her things. Soon she was buying items specially for you. And soon you found yourself looking forward to the times she’d dress you, with growing delight and anticipation. You began to look good.

You didn’t mind at first, of course. It was just a bit of fun. But when she started suggesting her friends come and play… Well, then it got more serious. And that’s when you realised you could no longer help yourself.

That was when she started to insist. And life with her co operation… It hardly bears thinking about. As you prepared yourself each evening you had no idea what might lie in store for you. Would she have a couple of girlfriends over and you would find yourself humiliated before them? Or maybe she’d bring a couple of the real men that were now regularly servicing her?

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